A postcard from England!

Hello! I'm writing to you from semi-sunny England!

Having a lovely time travelling all over the English countryside. Just got back from a week in the Cotswolds, and a week in Southampton, and tomorrow I'm off to Bedfordshire.

Hope everyone is is happy in internet land. I'll be back in the studio in about a week and a half, ready to work on the orders that are coming in.

I just found out that www.remnantclothing.com is closing down on March 1st, and everything is 60% off. I love their recycled creations. I don't know why they are closing, but in any case, it would be rude to not go on a little spending spree in their sale!

Have I missed anything back in Edmonton? Crazy cold weather??


I'm on Vacation!

I am going on Vacation to England! Gotta escape this cold weather!

Any online orders placed February 1st - March 5th will be shipped on March 6th (and 7th if there's lots and lots).

I have so many ideas for new products and can't wait to be on the plane with a sketch book and spend 9 hours finally scribbling down all these plans and ideas. Stay tuned... I'll try and pop in and say hello during my trip.