Royal Bison Show next weekend

You can find me at the 3rd Royal Bison Craft and Art Show next weekend in Edmonton Alberta Canada! I'll have all of your old favourite GEEKWARE and I'll also be testing out some fun new creations too. Come check it out!

And take a peek at the other talented young designers who will also be there: Royal Bison vendor list and links
Check out the Royal Bison Facebook Group too.


Real Playstation

That's my kind of Playstation! This t-shirt design ROCKS!

Available at Wire and Twine for $20 in sizes from kids - XXL


Bathtub pond

What a great way to recycle an old bathtub! When we renovate our bathroom I'd like to do this with our old tub.

Does anyone know how bathtubs are currently disposed of or recycled? Are the considered C+D waste and landfilled?

We've been doing lots of home projects and I really get carried away looking at before and after pictures like John Peters 1950's home reno on Flickr.

Mac Geek Tattoo

OK, so I have a 'thing' for wrists (all those yukky veins), but I couldn't resist showing you this!


'Now Serving' with a Mac Classic

Some computer genius has hooked up these old Mac Classics to be Customer Counters. Here's what they say: "there is an imac g3 that handles the basics (acts as a server) but the counters are tied into every single computer so that any employee can correct it manually if the numbers are off."
You don't get that at Lee Valley!


Washing Machine Lamp

I love how industrial this recycled washing machine drum light looks.
via: Make


Laptop Privacy Sweater

I'm not sure quite what to think of this concept, although my first thought is 'how do you breath?'.

Here's what the artist says: "I've been working on a project where I knit sweaters to go from gadgets to your body. They're supposed to be a fun commentary on how attached and concentrated on technology we are, and to highlight the lack of movement that happens when we're engrossed in our laptops, keyboards, PDAs, etc. the one pictured above is for privacy, warmth, and concentration in public spaces while using a laptop.

via: Craft


Busy busy!

Did I get blogged somewhere big? I've been a manufacturing machine this past week, making all your orders and doing runs to the Post Office every day.

My friend Monica reminded me that I've not blogged in AGES, so this one's for you!

Hey, did I tell you that you can now choose the type of keys for your custom keyboard cufflinks?
Black keys,
Grey keys, or
MAC keys!
Yep, so many of you were requesting black keys and MAC keys that I've added them as options on the initials cufflinks page. I've made so many this week that I'm starting to dream about keyboard cufflinks...

Geek Magnets

This set of Geek Magnets is hand-stitched and only $10! That's a lot of stitching, for just $10.

Or how about some recycled keyboard key magnets? Made with super strong rare-earth magnets and vintage keyboard keys.

Funky Robots from Recycled Materials

"Ollie is one tough robot, built to handle a heap of abuse. Rocks and worse just bounce off of his head. Ollie's body armor is bomb-squad certified, he can squat thrust twice his weight. Once, on a dare, he did eleven thousand pull-ups."

"Slim had dreamed of being a surgeon, but over time has come to accept his work as a reptile taxidermist. He takes pride in the craft and fine motor skills it requires. In his free time Slim enjoys backgammon, macramé, and Russian literature."

"Electro sees himself as a ready-for-anything, direct current commando bot: He is visibly proud of his infrared vision, jackhammer boots, and reinforced chest cavity. He would also like you to know that his hands can cut through aluminum, zinc and copper (as long as it's not too thick). Electro also enjoys folk dancing."

These cool robots, and many more, are available at Robot Guy

Diskette Flower Sculptures

This is a recycled masterpiece! Check out the flower petals - they are made from the centres of old diskettes. Love it love it love it. Photozz shows you how to make your own over on Instructables.


Mac pack

A Mac Backpack made from an old macintosh SE computer c. 1988. Ok, so I think this is just a little toooo geeky even for me, but if you want to make one you can follow the tutorial over on Instructables.


Tetris Baby Blanket

Kayster over on Craftster made this Tetris blanket for a new baby. Cute and retro at the same time!


I entered FFNBT!

Thanks to the e-mails and suggestions, I finally got around to entering Fred Flare's Next Big Thing In Design contest! I decided to enter my best-seller: keyboard cufflinks.

Here's a look at the winners from 2007. They get over 1000 product entries, including entries from past winners of Project Runway (!), so it'll be pretty hard to make the short-list. But oh well, you never know....

I'll let you know how it goes.


Floppy Disk Notebooks

I have been sold out of Floppy Disk Notebooks for what seems like forever!

I've gotten your e-mails pleading for me to bring them back in all their retro-computer-glory and I'm pleased to announce that they will be back in the shop in about 2 weeks!!!

Periodic Table Cards

The perfect card for nerds! Available individually, or as a set of six, over at PinkLovesBrown


Storm Trooper Snowglobes

These caught my eye over at Craftzine. Adorably tiny snowglobes, the cutest being these hilarious pocket-sized Stormtroopers. Just shake one up and it's just like the ice planet Hoth--only this one fits in the palm of your hand. Stormtrooper Snowglobes


Steve Jobs Portrait

Charis Tsevis, visual designer from Athens, Greece created this picture for Fortune Magazine entirely from Apple products. It was originally made in December 2007 and corrected in February 2008 to include the latest Apple MacBook Air, iPod nano pink etc.
More of his work can be seen here.


Pac-Man Interior Lighting Mural

This modular block lighting system lets you create the Pac-Man maze of your dreams!
One of the best aspects of classic video games is the fact that most were 8-bit, meaning they could easily be recreated using modular blocks as seen here.

This wall mural of sorts is on display at the Maison & Objet 2008 show in Paris.
via: Dvice