Busy working on custom orders at the moment. Made a batch of CD Clocks today for a local client - I think they plan to use them as door prizes for seminars.


Ingredients for a Happy Sunday

Take 1 pair of hand knit wool socks

Add one pair of snow boots

Add: long johns, track pants, snow pants, 4 tops, hoodie, down vest, MEC jacket, scarf, hat, mitts and 1/2 tub Vaseline smeared on my face

mix with one kick-ass snow storm

add one happy dog


[note: I'm escaping this freezing cold weather in early February for about a month! The shop http://www,acornstudios.ca will be closed during this time. Just a heads up to order asap if you'd like any geekware shipped before I leave]


O . M . G .

Oh yay! Dog walking will not be very fun tomorrow!

What's the coldest temperatures you've ever experienced?


Blog-love for Kitt

I'm dog-sitting! And I've completely fallen in love with Kitt. He looks sooo sad when I go out, that I end up taking him all over the place, including:

- the car wash yesterday (seemed a bit confused by the process)
- the Reuse Centre yesterday (got fussed by everyone there!)
- to a school that was getting rid of all their old keyboard today (wondered what I was doing)

His favourite thing to do is roll on his back in the snow, eat snow, or bury his head under the snow!!

He loves playing with Nellie's Dryer Balls, which are fantastic because he chews them for ages and can't puncture or damage them (yet).

He also sleeps for AGES. Is that normal?


Pong Necklace

Anyone remember playing pong? It seemed so high-tech and exciting at the time!!

Now you can wear your vintage gaming pride around your neck with this pong tribute necklace. Available here: Link

via: Craftzine


What did I make?

Wondering what I made with that stash of calendars, paint chips and catalogues? Oodles and oodles of eco greeting cards!

The brief was: fall colours, nature, Alberta wildlife, welcome to the team and any occasion cards.

Above shows some details on a few of my favourite ones and you can see I have been playing with my sewing machine for this project. I was lucky enough to pick up an old sewing box at the Reuse Centre and inside were some amazing old cotton reels, which inspired me to get out my machine.
Here's a few group shots of the cards. Can you spot any bits from the stash in the cards? (click for a closer look)


Light Bulb Lamps

I discovered a really interesting light bulb recycling concept on this website. They sell a widget that lets you connect together old light bulbs to make a one-of-a-kind lamp! There's some amazing ones showcased in their photo gallery.


Nintendo Wii Cake

You exercise, right? You jump around playing Wii games. That means you deserves some cake! Mmmmmm, yummy.

via w3sh


Mix Tape Cards

Did you make mix tapes back in the 80's and early 90's. I did, I used to make LOADS of them. I remember mix tapes of Blur, the La's, Pixies, Jane's Addiction, Radiohead, and so many more. I think all my old mix tapes are over in England....I miss them....

I stumbled across these retro mix tape cards by InvitaPaperStudio and I'm in love. Aren't they awesome?


Recycling Project

I'm busy working on a project for the Provincial government this week. I'm using old calendars, flyers, birthday cards, paint chip books, and packaging supplies. Here's a few 'before' pics of my supplies:

Check back in a few days if you'd like to see what I'm going to be making with all this stuff!


Scary or Cool?

Would you like your computer to look like this?

Share your thoughts in the comments...

via Ubergizmo


Organising Diskettes

I love organising my supplies. I think I just love organising things in general. This week I have gone through all my boxes of diskettes, and sorted them by colour.... it's diskette heaven!

I love how all the different shades of diskettes look, especially the translucent ones next to the solid colour ones, and how there are so any shades of blue diskettes.

However, the cats we're looking after are not helping at all, and keep knocking over my diskette towers!!

This is how it started:

Riley thought he wanted in on the diskette action, but soon fell asleep behind the curtain.

while he was sleeping, the diskette towers grew...

higher and higher around him...

well you can just image how it ended *sigh*. Diskettes ALL over the floor!!!


Look! I cooked a proper meal

I am not known for my cooking skills. In fact, my idea of 'home cooking' is cutting up some vegetables and putting them ontop of a frozen pizza. Or a microwaved potato with beans on top.

But, inspired by Amanda Woodward, I've decided I want to cook more healthy meals this year, from scratch!

Here I present to you, dear geekware readers, my vegetarian lasagna:

It is so tasty that I'm definitely going to make it again once I've eaten my way though this massive one.

I don't 'do' recipes, but I included in random order:

  • 3 bags of frozen tomato cubes from our garden
  • organic green (?) coloured lasagna
  • 2 bags of mixed greens cubes (spinach, bok choi, mustard) from our garden
  • a frozen packet of Alfredo sauce from 2006 (blame Tiffany Tomato's mom)
  • and lots of other vegetables, oh and some dried soya stuff I found in the cupboard



Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser

I'm not sure what this small rectangular mac item was in it's past life, but it has been modded into a toilet paper dispenser. Nice and modern looking - I like it! Link


Make your own nerdy cookie cutters

j l larson on Instructables shows how to make your own cookie cutters in any shape you choose. Tested out are: Pac man, one-up mushroom, star trek badge and meeple. Link



Mac Mod: A real Banana Junior

Who remembers the Banana Jr. 6000 from 1980's comic strip 'Bloom County'?

It was a parody of the early Macintosh computer and fritzgutten has made a real Banana Junior from an old Mac Classic!

The comic strip computer inexplicably came with legs could walk and talk, contemplated its existence, but could not stray further than the length of its electrical cord.

A Sunday strip featured this parody advertisement with Gene Simmons.


DIY Paper Macintosh Classic

Do you miss your 'compact' Macintosh Classic from 1990? With it's $1000 price tag, and 1-4MB ram?
Why not make your own paper version, which can sit quietly on your desk and bring back happy memories of times long ago, before iphones and imacs and ipods were invented....
Heck, it's Friday afternoon people! Get your scissors out and print the pdf, it'll speed up home-time :)
via: neoteny