Mouse Mod

Well that's one use for an old mouse!


The mice are breeding

Uh Oh, they're breeding!!

Stay tuned to see what I'll be turning the vintage Apple mice into.... ;)


Keyboard Corkboards

Sometimes it's fun to just make something totally different!

These old-school keyboard cases were just asking to be recycled. So naturally I turned them into desk-top corkboards. (well you already know how much I looove corks!)

(note - both are already sold)


How Nerdy Are YOU?

I am nerdier than 84% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Oh my! I guessed the question about the periodic table, and I didn't know who the 2 pictures were of - must have been lucky guesses because I can't possibly be THAT nerdy!

(But I do have grad level Math, and I knew what the C was in E=MC squared).

How nerdy are you?


Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Sorry for the lack of blogging the this week - I thought you might like to see what's keeping me busy!
So many parcels of Geekware to mail, I think I'll have to drive to the Post Office this afternoon! I normally walk over and drop off everything by hand, but I don't think I can carry this many boxes....


An apple for the teacher

3 circuitboard apple ornaments added to the shop today.


Just Announced: Free Shipping!

From now through November 30th, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $20. What a great deal! This is only the 2nd time EVER that I've given away free shipping!
Wouldn't it feel good to shop early for all the geeks on your christmas list, avoiding the malls and having your goodies arrive straight to your front door?
Go take a look ..... GEEKWARE by Acorn Studios


Yay, local press!

I got a mention in the Edmonton Journal yesterday! Front page of the Home section. I trapsed all over the mall trying to find a copy of Thursday's paper and all the stores had either sold out, recycled it or sent them back already grrr.

But I did eventually find a copy tonight from a neighbour.
It's great that they mentioned the show on Sunday - fingers crossed that lots more people will come!


Keyboard Sprouts? Ewwwww!

A reader (who happens to run an amazing computer cleaning company) sent me this picture. I work with keyboards every day, some of which are so grimy I have to wear gloves to handle them. Maybe that's why this idea totally grosses me out!

Alfalfa sprout anyone?


New Keyboard Cufflinks

The keyboard cufflinks below are the result of my day of scavenging for keyboards before the snow covers them all up. I've made my first batch of new cufflinks from these great finds and I love them, and I hope you do too!

I think this pair is my favourite. It is made from a bright yellow and blue kids laptop called 'Zip the robot', and all the buttons say funny things, like 'demo' and 'answer'.

This pair is also in my top 3. I like how chunky the arrows are, you don't see this kind of arrow on a keyboard anymore.

I also get a kick out of this pair of cufflinks, with it's 90's text. These would be perfect for a really dull wedding or for a meeting you would rather snooze through :)

If you'd like to see all 28 new keyboard cufflinks, head on over to the website!


Boo! Decorating the Yard

A little something for the kids in our neighbourhood to enjoy.

The big grave markers are just old kitchen drawers that I painted grey and added a quick design to in white paint.

Can't wait to see how many kids come visit on Halloween!

click images to view larger


Tin Clocks

Made a few clocks today out of old tins.
It's amazing how many shapes and sizes tins come in! My favourite is the black and red oriental one.
These are for the Pop Culture Fair on Sunday.

Click images for larger view.


Vintage Keyboard Finds

Here's some of my latest finds. I don't know much about the age of these keyboards, but I love the random text and symbols on them.

I'm thinking cufflinks for the arrows, tie tac pins for the XXX key, cell phone charms for the 'TEXT' key and a keychain from the 'LOCK' key. What do you think?


Wine Cork Garden

Ever wondered how to use corks left from all those crazy house parties?

You could make a cork board but that takes way too long.... it's much easier to just toss them in your cork garden! This is the first 'feature' we added to the garden, having only discovered when the snow melted in Spring that we just have a boring lawn out back.

May 2007 - marking out where the garden will be

June 2007 - the sod has been removed and 3 zucchini
plants are sprouting up amongst the cork mulch

July 2007 - more zucchini than we can possibly eat!

We're thinking of removing all the sod in our front yard and using wine corks as the mulch there too. That should get the elderly neighbours talking..... :) [they've not seen anything yet - wait till Halloween, they are in for a surprise!]


What to do with media packaging?

So you've got all your CD's in a nifty holder and no longer use the plastic cases they came in?

What about the container your stack of CD's came in?

Here's a few fun ideas for reusing these hard-to-recycle items:

CD Spindle Bagel Holder

CD Jewel Case Calendar

CD Jewel Case Mini-Greenhouse

Cassette Tape Case Card Holder

What do you do with all your old media packaging?

E-waste Recycling

Picture this: A huge pile of old electronics, tangled cords, hard drives piled up high, weathered and unloved. And me, having the BEST DAY EVER! I couldn't wait to get started!

I managed to find LOTS of keyboards, although they are all very muddy from being outside for a long time. They will take quite a bit of cleaning once I've harvested the parts I am going to use.

Check out this chunky old Commodore keyboard I found... I'm going to have fun with these keys.
This is my ideal Saturday afternoon :)


Yay, finally blogging!

I feel like I am the last person on the planet to have a blog. I have finally given in and jumped on the bandwagon. So here I am....

Check back soon and I'll be posting more about new creations I'm working on.