New Keyboard Cufflinks

The keyboard cufflinks below are the result of my day of scavenging for keyboards before the snow covers them all up. I've made my first batch of new cufflinks from these great finds and I love them, and I hope you do too!

I think this pair is my favourite. It is made from a bright yellow and blue kids laptop called 'Zip the robot', and all the buttons say funny things, like 'demo' and 'answer'.

This pair is also in my top 3. I like how chunky the arrows are, you don't see this kind of arrow on a keyboard anymore.

I also get a kick out of this pair of cufflinks, with it's 90's text. These would be perfect for a really dull wedding or for a meeting you would rather snooze through :)

If you'd like to see all 28 new keyboard cufflinks, head on over to the website!

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