Boo! Decorating the Yard

A little something for the kids in our neighbourhood to enjoy.

The big grave markers are just old kitchen drawers that I painted grey and added a quick design to in white paint.

Can't wait to see how many kids come visit on Halloween!

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Louise said...

Wow! We don't do things like that in the UK! I'm sure people would complain to the council and we'd be in trouble! Looks like great fun though.... is it something quite normal to do in Canada? What do the kids do when they come trick-or-treating? Do you give them sweets?

Nicola said...

Yep, fairly normal! Although most people don't decorate quite as early as we did.
Kids aged 1 - 12-ish come by all dresses up in cute costumes, always accompanied by parents (some are carried!) and they ring the doorbell and you give them candy. Most people hand out fun-size chocolate bars, although we do have friends who hand out swim passes!

We're hoping to have around 100 kids come by, but since it's our 1st year in a house we don't know what to expect really. I'll report back....