Geeky Cat Bed

Isn't this adorable? An old monitor turned into a geeky cat bed, complete with cushion. This is definitely something fun to spoil your kitty with!
Only $40 here.


Apple IIe

Look what I found! Very excited about this - I've never seen an Apple IIe before!
I'll clean it up tomorrow and decide what to make with it. Maybe cufflinks from the apple keys? Any ideas for the apple logo in the last picture?
According to this site, the Apple IIe was released in January 1983 and it came with........ wait for it....... 64 KB RAM *snicker*

WiiMote Cabinet

It's not only a great homage to the best controller device ever created, it's actually functional. Nice work Craig!

Who needs a real Christmas tree...

...when you can have a bookshelf tree instead!

via: swissmiss


Back Online!!

You must love me a lot! The traffic to http://www.acornstudios.ca/ was so high yesterday that it caused the site to be down temporarity.

Sorry everyone who tried to visit. Normal service has been resumed :)


Kudos IKEA!

I was at the local IKEA on Friday, and saw lots of people freaking out at IKEA's new policy of charging for plastic bags.

"What do you mean, 5c for a plastic bag?"
"That bag isn't worth 5c!"
"That's outrageous!"
"At that price I don't need a bag!"(erm hello, that's the point lady!)

I told the clerk I thought it was an excellent idea, however, she told me people had been stealing the bags and complaining and giving her a hard time.

So come on Edmonton! Bring your own bags to IKEA and quit complaining to the check-out staff!! It's not about IKEA cheaping out and charging for the bags, it's about waste reduction.

Thank you IKEA, I think your new bag policy rocks.


New! Hint Ring

Guys: Your girlfriend has been waiting ages for you to get down on one knee and pop the question! No idea what ring to buy her? Give her this one, and then go ring shopping together .....Awww, she'll love you forever for being so romantic!

Girls: Fed up with waiting for that elusive ring from your guy? Start wearing this around the house and maybe he'll get the message! If he still doesn't ask, well, he's just not that into you - sorry.


New! Circuitboard Rulers

30cm of recycled goodness.

The Geekware Gift Guide 2007

I get asked for recommendations all the time for what gift would be suitable for who.
" Do you think my daughter's teacher would like this?"
"What would my teenage son like?"

I've had a lot of feedback at shows and seen who likes what, and thought I'd share this info with you in my NEW Geekware gift guide!

Forget the malls this Christmas! Sit back and relax and order your Christmas gifts online.


I recycle more than computers...

I was asked to make a retirement card recently by my old workplace, and the theme requested was a little 'challenging' to say the least! "Anything related to mine reclamation, perhaps? Some soil, trees, vegetation, dump trucks?"

This is what I came up with: (click images to view larger)

Must say this was a really fun project. I added paper to the back 2 pages to create a space for everyone to sign the 'card'.


New Nintendo Ad: 'Communion Day'

I really like the new Nintendo ad. It's subtle - took me a few seconds to get it.

via BadBanada


Stop and Stop Show Prep

2 days down, one to go at the Stop and Shop Show. It's going great! I've bought loads of stuff too, the quality of everyone's work is amazing!

Here's a few pictures showing last minute preparations and packing ready for the show.
If anyone would like to come to the show for Sunday, you can print the $2 off coupon below (just click the coupon to open in a new window).


Stop and Shop show this weekend

Sometimes I do crazy things, like yesterday....I signed up to do the Stop and Shop show this weekend! Yes, I could have done the sensible thing and signed up months ago but that's not how I roll!

It runs Friday - Sunday and will be an amazing opportunity to be amongst Edmonton's finest independent designers. I've heard so many people talking about the show, that I couldn't let this opportunity pass by.

The only probem is, it's THIS WEEKEND!!! OMG!

I may not blog for a few days - I need to knuckle down and make LOADS of stuff.

check it out: http://www.stopandshopshow.com/ Drop by and say hello if you're in the area.


CD Spindle Yarn Holder

Another idea sent in for reusing CD spindles. I like this one (almost as much as the bagel idea), but maybe that's because the wool used is my favourite colour!
This would work well for string too.
What do you do with your old media packaging?


Dream Keyboards

A chocolate bar in the form of a PC keyboard, by Michael Sholk


Mac Pins, Mac Pride

Mac users have been showing how passionate they are about their allegiance to Apple by scooping up these Mac pins as fast as I am able to make them!

I was able to salvage about 20 more Mac keyboard recently, and after much cleaning and removing pen marks and ikky muck, I've made them into Mac pins this morning.

But, it's not easy finding old Mac keyboards - I find a ratio of 1:10 Mac:Windows keyboards, so it's always quite exciting to actually get a Mac keyboard.

I made 24 Mac keys today but someone in Austria just bought 4, so I'm down to 20 now. And that'll be it, I won't be out scavenging keyboards again until Spring, once the snow has melted and it's not freezing cold here!


Vintage Calculator Trinket Box

I've been having way too much fun today! I gutted the inside of an old calculator from 1973, and turned it into a trinket box.

I had to look on google to find out what kind of history this calculator had, and I discovered it was one of Texas instruments 1st ever calculators!

I love how, on the instructions on the back, it tells you how to do basic math with it.

I guess back in the day, this must have seemed so high tech and fancy-smanchy.

It cost $120 back in 1973, WOW! source
For more pics of my latest creation have a look here

What language is this?

I got 500+ visitors from this site today - any idea what country this is from?

or what about this one?

I'm assuming this one is German, right?

(knew I should have studied languages more in school....)

Custom Geek Cards

Been busy with custom orders and website orders all week, including these fun cards for a local computer cleaning company.
The little germ guys were all cut by hand and each one is different. They really seem to have their own personalities - I think it's the eyebrows that did it. They all look so angry!
No Germs, your cards are ready!


CD Jewel Case Pen Holder

Another awesome idea for CD jewel case recycling. The divider down the middle is a nice feature. But what the heck is that item at the back there? Some kind of paint roller?

[via Craftster]


CD Jewel Case Bird House

I've posted about CD jewel case recycling before. A reader sent me a link to this funky looking bird house, which reminds me of Summer. I am sooo not a fan of winter and shoveling snow for 6 months *sigh*

[Via Craftster]


Geek Candy Goodies

I have got some new funky stickers and to celebrate I've been using them everywhere!
I've been assembling these little little treat packs today, which are included free in every order! Some contain a free recycled keyboard key magnet, others a keychain, and of course candy! Because every geek likes candy :)

You'll have to order from Acorn Studios to see what little treats you'll get!