CD Jewel Case Bird House

I've posted about CD jewel case recycling before. A reader sent me a link to this funky looking bird house, which reminds me of Summer. I am sooo not a fan of winter and shoveling snow for 6 months *sigh*

[Via Craftster]


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty cool, but you can't do that for all the cases. You could recycle these jewel cases or CDs at


These guys will recycle the CD/jewel case for free and even offer free pickup at some locations.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

My family and I thought the birdhouse to be really cool! If you don't like winter then move on down to MS!!! We never really have a winter!

albertodixon said...

That cage is very awesome. Build up with CD case, very unique and beautiful.. Thanks for sharing this post.

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Carrie Madison said...

amazing creation from scrap disk case turn into an cool small house.. I like that.

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Unknown said...
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