Apple IIe

Look what I found! Very excited about this - I've never seen an Apple IIe before!
I'll clean it up tomorrow and decide what to make with it. Maybe cufflinks from the apple keys? Any ideas for the apple logo in the last picture?
According to this site, the Apple IIe was released in January 1983 and it came with........ wait for it....... 64 KB RAM *snicker*


Anonymous said...

cool find. Just wanted to tell you that i love your creations. Can't wait to see what else you can come up with. Did you make something from the Mice?

Nicola - Keyboard Queen said...

Hi Heather, thanks!! I have not had chance to play with the Apple mice yet, but I'll be sure too post pics on here as soon as I do! I got as far as cleaning the mud and grime off them but then the crazy christmas rush hit :)

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