What language is this?

I got 500+ visitors from this site today - any idea what country this is from?

or what about this one?

I'm assuming this one is German, right?

(knew I should have studied languages more in school....)


gyorsíró said...


I'm sorry, but you are wrong, the language is hungarian, and i think you can expect some order from hungary :)

The blog name in english is Gadgetblog.

Dancing-feet-Krisztina said...


I help you.
bigyo.blog.hu is a Hungarian site
(East-Europe), where the author collects interesting sites about funny things.

This is fantastic what are you doing with the hardware!
you are great!

I added your blog to my bookmark!

Krisztina from Budapest, Hungary

gyorsíró said...

Ehh, sorry I can't read.

So the first site is hungarian. The second is spanish and the last one is german :)

Nicola said...

oooh, thanks! Well that's exciting! I have no idea how anyone in Hungary would even know that I exist all the way over her in Canada :)

Here's another one for you:

I'm guessing this one is Russian because of all the squiggly bits? If anyone can read it, I'm dying to know if the score at the bottom is good or bad!

Richard said...

The language is Lithuanian. Good guess with Russian though.