Mac Pins, Mac Pride

Mac users have been showing how passionate they are about their allegiance to Apple by scooping up these Mac pins as fast as I am able to make them!

I was able to salvage about 20 more Mac keyboard recently, and after much cleaning and removing pen marks and ikky muck, I've made them into Mac pins this morning.

But, it's not easy finding old Mac keyboards - I find a ratio of 1:10 Mac:Windows keyboards, so it's always quite exciting to actually get a Mac keyboard.

I made 24 Mac keys today but someone in Austria just bought 4, so I'm down to 20 now. And that'll be it, I won't be out scavenging keyboards again until Spring, once the snow has melted and it's not freezing cold here!


Bejeweled said...

What a great idea for Mac lovers! Lovely blog you have here!

Nicola said...

Note - 12 left as of Monday morning.