Wine Cork Garden

Ever wondered how to use corks left from all those crazy house parties?

You could make a cork board but that takes way too long.... it's much easier to just toss them in your cork garden! This is the first 'feature' we added to the garden, having only discovered when the snow melted in Spring that we just have a boring lawn out back.

May 2007 - marking out where the garden will be

June 2007 - the sod has been removed and 3 zucchini
plants are sprouting up amongst the cork mulch

July 2007 - more zucchini than we can possibly eat!

We're thinking of removing all the sod in our front yard and using wine corks as the mulch there too. That should get the elderly neighbours talking..... :) [they've not seen anything yet - wait till Halloween, they are in for a surprise!]

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I Want To Make This said...

I wanted to let you know that I linked this post on my blog entry on wine cork uses. What a great idea!