Hello there 2008!

2007 was a really fun year. I got to see my 1st grizzly bear up close, hiked under a big waterfall, kayacked across a lake, enjoyed being a bridesmaid at a glorious summer wedding in England. Discovered how to hold down my booth tent during 50km winds and that fridge doors holding magnets bounce in 50km/hr winds. Found that some labels on old diskettes just DON'T ever come off, no matter how much I scrub/soak/scrape them. Learnt how quickly a rain barrel fills up in a storm, and how fun it is to bale water into buckets during said storms so that the hose pipe never needs to be used all summer.

I also found out how much I enjoy making one of a kind items, like the calculator trinket box, or the hint ring. In 2008 I plan to make more one-off pieces, and explore new ways to recycle old computer parts. I don't want to be a manufacturing machine, I'd like to get back more to the art and design side of things, and inventing new creations.

I have lots of ideas brewing, so stay tuned....

image via: swissmiss

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