DIY Paper Macintosh Classic

Do you miss your 'compact' Macintosh Classic from 1990? With it's $1000 price tag, and 1-4MB ram?
Why not make your own paper version, which can sit quietly on your desk and bring back happy memories of times long ago, before iphones and imacs and ipods were invented....
Heck, it's Friday afternoon people! Get your scissors out and print the pdf, it'll speed up home-time :)
via: neoteny

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jaroenke47 said...

OMG - my parents still have my Mac from college in a closet. It is in its own 'convenient' carrying case that is like 3x2x2 feet. Remember those? It's huge. Many years ago I was in the MOMA in NYC and saw my computer on display! I couldn't believe my college computer was already in a museum. I've recycled other computers - glad to see you are finding a use for them. I hate the idea of things just becoming trash. - Judy