Funky Robots from Recycled Materials

"Ollie is one tough robot, built to handle a heap of abuse. Rocks and worse just bounce off of his head. Ollie's body armor is bomb-squad certified, he can squat thrust twice his weight. Once, on a dare, he did eleven thousand pull-ups."

"Slim had dreamed of being a surgeon, but over time has come to accept his work as a reptile taxidermist. He takes pride in the craft and fine motor skills it requires. In his free time Slim enjoys backgammon, macramé, and Russian literature."

"Electro sees himself as a ready-for-anything, direct current commando bot: He is visibly proud of his infrared vision, jackhammer boots, and reinforced chest cavity. He would also like you to know that his hands can cut through aluminum, zinc and copper (as long as it's not too thick). Electro also enjoys folk dancing."

These cool robots, and many more, are available at Robot Guy


Turkish Prawn said...

JUst found this via a strange and circuitous google search for other items but had to say SOMETHING!

These are just plain beautiful! As an unabashed dump picker, I can say with out reservation that I want one of these so badly, it hurts.

Great post and a great site!


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Sarah Hall said...

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