Bye Bye Royal Bison

It was great to meet so many familiar faces and new friends at the Royal Bison show this weekend. You braved the -29C windchill, that's dedication!

I love hearing the remarks from customers browsing my booth. Usually the exclaim "OMG this is so awesome, so-and-so would love this!".

About every 25th person asks if I have the 'any' key in a Homer Simpson voice. LOL.

About every 200th person wants to chat about circuit boards and tell me exactly what computer each pieces is made from! (gotta love their enthusiasm :) )

And then there's the random comments that make me smile inside, such as:

Lady: "dad would like this for the basement, he uses these"

daughter: "mum, that's a notebook!" *picks up floppy disk notebook"

Lady: *walks away embarrassed*

Man: "is this a map of Edmonton?" *picking up circuitboard business card holder*

Man: "you should put an X on there to show where we are"

I love all your comments, what would I do without you?!


rjplumer said...

LOL. I love the card holder. It's a great idea!

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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