Finally Done.... almost

Boy! It's been quite a few days, have you missed me?

I shipped the last of my orders this morning (ones that came in yesterday and today) and I think that's officially it.... I'm now on vacation!!

Well sort of. It would appear that lots of local people would still like to give GEEKWARE to their loved ones this Christmas. So for the 1st time EVER, I've decided to have an open house on Saturday for one last chance to pick up some Christmas goodies.

I'll make a proper post about that later today, once I've made a nice graphic and figured out the details :)

It was my b-day yesterday. I had a lovely day chatting to family and friends on the phone, followed by a nice dinner and a movie and the season finale of Project Runway Canada (I knew he'd win!).

Fave prezzie:

This 150 piece rotary tool kit from Mastercraft. I love everything Mastercraft. Everything from tape measures to band saws in my place is by Mastercraft.

Yeah - I'm such a girlie girl (not!)

I opened it at midnight and spent the next hour trying to figure out what I'd do with all these gazillion attachments. Love it!

Also got this great set of Mastercraft drill bits, to replace all the ones I keep losing or snapping in my crafty ventures.

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