My Mix Tape!

Nostalgia-tastic!!! I cant remember the last time I made a mix tape.


James said...

That is super awesome!!

Nerdilicious said...

I just spent, like, an hour on that site!! Great find :)

Ethel said...

Hey, that's a brilliant site (even if half the songs I picked out weren't available any more...)

I've been following your blog in fascination for a while now - the stuff you make is very, very clever.

I have a really dumb question... it actually belongs down with the cards you posted a few posts ago, but I'll put it here coz you're more likely to actually see it. When you make stuff using images from old calendars, magazines and the like, are there any copyright issues you have to be careful of?

Not that I'm planning to set up in competition or anything, it's just one of those random questions that's been burning a hole in my head for days now.

Love your work!

Nicola - Keyboard Queen said...

Hi Ethel - Thanks for stopping by!

The card making is more of a hobby thing, just a fun way to recycle old calendars and cards etc.

As far as I understand, as long as you don't reproduce the image, it's ok to use it in a different way. If you scanned an image and printed it, I don't think that's ok, but to just cut up a calendar and use the pictures on a card is fine.

That's how I understand it anyways (the same way it works for scrapbooking papers).....

Ethel said...

Ah, good, I can sleep tonight. :)

Thank you!

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