TV appearances

I always feel a bit uneasy when I'm asked to do an interview on tv. On Tuesday I was contacted by a local TV station, who wanted to do a shoot with me in my studio the next day. *MY STUDIO* I thought! OMG!!

I delayed them by a day, got a haircut, vacuumed, tidied up and was ready when the crew arrived on Thursday. TV is sooo not my comfort zone, but somehow being in my own studio made it seem a little easier.

The piece aired on Friday (on Shaw TV for the local folks), and reran on the hour for a full 24 hours!! I think it was edited brilliantly, to really made a nice little story out of what I do. Apart from the fact I said "the 80's" a gazillion times. eg "I love keyboards from the '80's, this one is from the 80's etc etc *rolls eyes*.

If I can figure out how to convert it from the vcr tape to post it on here, I'll show you. (any ideas???)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to see it Nic! Sounds fun, but I can imagine how worried you were initially when they said they wanted to film you at home! Louise

Anonymous said...

You can use a $20 video capture card to connect a VCR to a PC. There is free software available to capture the incoming data streams.

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